Anna Marie Sell, AEA



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THE PRISONER OF ZENDA                           Flavia/Antoinette               Hedgerow Theatre, Matt Tallman

CHAPTER TWO                                                 Jennie Malone                     Montgomery Theater, Tom Quinn

KINGDOM OF EARTH (2 by Tennessee...)   Myrtle(cover)                       St. Luke's Theater, Marilyn Fried

A WILDER CHRISTMAS                                  Leonora/Harriet                  Peccadillo Theater Company, Dan Wackerman

NOT NOW, DARLING                                       Sue Lawson                         Bickford Theatre, Eric Hafen

THE HOLLOW                                                    Midge Harvey                     Barnstormers Theatre, Robert Shea

SEPARATE TABLES                                           Miss Cooper                        Out of the Box Theatre Co., J. Bennett/L. Snider

THE CREDEAUX CANVAS                              Amelia                                   The Seeing Place, Lillian Wright

LOOK BACK IN ANGER                                   Alison Porter                       The Seeing Place, Reesa Graham

WAITING FOR LEFTY                                      Edna Mitchell                      The Seeing Place, B.Walker & R.Graham

HANK WILLIAMS: LOST HIGHWAY            Waitress                                Wayside Theatre, Warner Crocker

ENCOUNTERS (premiere)                               Kate Aiken                           Del iMusic5, Anne Marie Cammarato

SOUNDWAVES (premiere)                              Raymonde, SOE Agent     FringeNYC/Bridge Theatre, Adrian Roman


Classical Theatre

CYRANO DE BERGERAC                                Roxane                                   American Shakespeare Center, Jim Warren

MERCHANT OF VENICE                                Portia                                      Inwood Shakespeare Festival, Ted Minos

TWELFTH NIGHT                                             Olivia                                     The Seeing Place, Brandon Walker

HENRY V                                                             Exeter, Katharine                Barter Theatre Player Co., John Hardy

THE TAMER TAMED                                        Livia                                       Misfit Toys Repertory Company, Nik Priest

JULIUS CAESAR                                                 Calphurnia, Lucius             American Shakespeare Center, C. Kelly

HENRY V                                                             Queen Isabel/Chorus         Theater at Monmouth, Bill Van Horn

AS YOU LIKE IT                                                 Celia                                        Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Jesse Geiger

Musical Theatre

PIPPIN                                                                 Catherine                                 Cumberland Theatre, Don Whistead

THE VELVET ORATORIO                               Embassy Aide                         Untitled Theatre Project #61, Henry Akona

155 FIRST AVENUE (premiere)                      Caroline/Annelise                 Theatre for the New City, George Ferencz

ELEANOR                                                           Debutante                                Barter Theatre Mainstage, Richard Rose

YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, C.B.                          Lucy                                          Barter Theatre Stage II, Katy Brown

SHADOW OF THE RAVEN (premiere)        Ellen                                          Wayside Theatre, Warner Crocker

NUNSENSE JAMBOREE                                 Sister Amnesia                        Wayside Theatre, Warner Crocker

SHENANDOAH                                                 Ensemble                                 Ford’s Theatre, Jeff Calhoun

THE MIKADO                                                    Peep-Bo                                   Theater at Monmouth, Louis Dall’Ava


Concerts & Cabaret

GOODNIGHT SOLDIER: Songs of the Second World War                       Solo Cabaret, Stage 72

REACHING FOR THE MOON: Songs of Irving Berlin                               Featured Soloist, Café Noctambulo at Pangea

THE GREENE TOUCH: Golden Age of Broadway                                      Featured Soloist, NY Conservatory

TRIBUTE TO BING CROSBY                                                                            Soloist, Urban Stages Winter Rhythms Festival

TRIBUTE TO JIM HENSON                                                                              Soloist, Urban Stages Winter Rhythms Festival


REDRUM, episode 304                                            Lead                                            Investigation Discovery – Tony Glazer, dir.

MEDICAL TRAINING SERIES                               Lead/Host                                  North Shore-LIJ Health Systems

CORNELIA VAN VARICK                                        Lead                                             Unified Field/NY Historical Society

MONSTERS INSIDE ME, episode 503                 Supporting                                 Animal Planet – Optomen Productions

A HUMMABLE SONATA                                         Lead                                             NYU/Miki Benyamini

THE HUNT                                                                 Lead                                             NYU-SCPS/Anna Dale-Meunier

THE INHERITANCE (pilot)                                     Supporting                                 Dylan Bank/Morgan Pehme

SAY SOMETHING                                                     Supporting                                 Eyefive Limited, Abid Kahn

FINDING SARAH                                                      Supporting                                 EA Films/Pratt Institute, Anna Evetts

New Works & Readings

World Premieres

ENCOUNTERS                                                     Kate Aiken                            UDel iMusic5, Anne Marie Cammarato

SOUNDWAVES                                                    Raymonde, SOE Agent      FringeNYC/Bridge Theatre, Adrian Roman

155 FIRST AVENUE (musical)                           Caroline/Annelise              Theatre for the New City, George Ferencz

SHADOW OF THE RAVEN (musical)             Ellen                                       Wayside Theatre, Warner Crocker

SNUFFED (short play –festival prod.)            Sondra                                  NJ Theater Project, Kevin Gilbert


Workshop Readings

HOUDINI AMONG THE SPIRITS (musical) Bess Houdini Resonance Ensemble, Eric Parness

FAR FROM THE TREE (musical - excerpt) Mary Private Reading, Sarah Cameron Sunde

THE HIGHER LOVE Mary Haskell IATI Theater, Eric Parness

PSYCHODRAMA                                                 Mel                                         Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, Laura Ekstrand

WISHBONE                                                          Carla                                      New Jersey Writers Theatre, John Pietrowski

THE AMERICAN                                                 Claire de Cintre                   Pulse Ensemble Theatre/MITF Festival, Alexa Kelly

PUNCHER'S CHANCE                                       Sandra                                   Pulse Ensemble Theatre, Alexa Kelly

BATHORY (musical)                                            Ilona Jo                                  D3 Productions, S. Weingarten & M. Hartman

THIS TIME AROUND (musical)                       Charlie                                   Wayside Theatre Curtain Call, Steve Przybylski


Also:  Multiple Work-In-Progress Readings for Pulse Ensemble Theatre Playwrights Lab & NJ Theater Project        


Readings - Published Works

CHICAGO                                                               Maggie/Kitty                        Project Shaw, Pamela Hunt

DRACULA: A RADIO PLAY                                Mina                                       NJ Theater Project, Mark Spina                      

IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE                                   Mary Greenhill                   Peccadillo Theater Company, Dan Wackermn

GIDION'S KNOT                                                   Corynn                                  NJ Theater Project, Gary Glor


Towson University: BA in Theatre and English, Summa Cum Laude

The Pearl Theatre Conservatory: Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg & Shaw with Dan Daily

Manhattan School of Music Professional Musical Theatre Workshop

  with Paul Gemignani, Carolann Page, Annbritt duChateau, John Rando, Malcolm Gets, Austin Pendleton, Joanna Merlin


Acting: Larry Singer

Private Vocal Instruction: Carolann Sanita, Melissa Dye.

Dance at BDC and Steps: Basic Jazz, Ballroom, Tap.



The Barter Theatre, with John Hardy, Katy Brown, and the Player Company

Hedgerow Theatre, with Penelope Reed


Additional Skills

Strong Sight Reader, Great with Musical Harmony, Piano (basic-intermediate ability), Quick Study

Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, American Southern, French, German.