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American Songbook, Dec. 7

Hosted by Bill Zeffiro, on piano.

La Rivista on Restaurant Row, 9 to Midnight.

Please join me to enjoy for delicious food & the Great American Songbook.

Recent Favorites...

Hamlet: What Dreams May Come


Adapted by Adam Mathias.

Directed by Adam Smith.

Played Gertrude and the Ghost in this four-person exploration of Hamlet.

photos by Adam Mathias, with Adam Mathias, Kayla Eisenberg, Joe McGranaghan, & Adam Smith.


The Prisoner of Zenda

Hedgerow Theatre

by Anthony Hope

adapted & directed by Matt Tallman

Playing both a femme fatale and a brave princess in this 39 Steps-style romantic adventure

photos by Ashley Smith LaBonde


Chapter Two, The Montgomery Theater          

"As Jennie, (Anna Marie) Sell delivers one of the finest, most emotionally rich performances I've seen this season."  - Jim Rutter, Philadelphia Inquirer

with Matt Tallman, photo by Angela McMichael

photo by Angela McMichael

pictured with Matt Tallman, as George